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X-Guide Dental Implant Technology – Murphy, TX

Precise & Efficient Dental Implant Treatment

Logo for X-Nav Technologies, the company behind X-Guide dental implant technology in Murphy

The traditional method of placing dental implants involves a dentist taking their “best guess” as to where to insert the implants. While this type of freehand placement is usually successful, it does have a higher risk of complications than guided surgery. There are a few different methods and techniques for guided surgery, but here at Murphy Family Implant & Cosmetic Dentistry, we use the X-Guide. This advanced implant technology in Murphy makes the entire surgical process faster, easier, and as low-risk as possible.

Why Choose Murphy Family Implant & Cosmetic Dentistry for Guided Dental Implant Surgery?

  • Not Available at All Practices
  • Efficient and Low-Risk Surgery
  • Highly Advanced Software

What Is the X-Guide?

Screenshot from X-Guide software during treatment planning process

The X-Guide is an advanced system from X-Nav Technologies (partnered with Nobel Biocare) that utilizes advanced software to help your dentist in Murphy place your dental implants at precise locations in your jawbone. It provides guidance on the depth and angle of the implants as well. Because the guidance occurs in real-time, the system greatly diminishes the risk of human error and increases the chances that you will enjoy a successful and complication-free dental implant treatment.

How Does the Process Work?

X-Guide being used to pinpoint precise location for dental implant

Working with the X-Guide system starts with a highly detailed, 3D scan of your mouth. Using advanced software, your dentist can then determine exactly where to place your implants. Once the planning process is complete, the X-Guide’s system is ready to be used in surgery.

The X-Guide simplifies the guided dental implant surgical process. Other, more traditional methods of guided surgery require that a dental laboratory creates a custom guide to be used during the procedure. The guide fits over a patient’s existing teeth and helps the dentist insert the implants exactly where they belong. While this method is effective, it requires more time and materials than surgery performed with the X-Guide system.

Benefits of the X-Guide for Dentists and Patients

X-Guide system from X-Nav Technologies against white background

Some of the top benefits of X-Guide technology include:

  • It can reduce the overall treatment timeline for dental implants in Murphy. It does so not only by eliminating the need for a lab to create a surgical guide, but also by ensuring precise implant placement. Such precision may reduce patient recovery time.
  • It is useful for all patients. Guided surgery can be used for virtually all dental implant patients. It is particularly use for those who are undergoing full-mouth replacement. It can even benefit patients who have a limited ability to open their mouth.
  • It is extremely accurate. Research indicates that the X-Guide system is 3 – 4 times more accurate than other dynamic systems that were tested in models. It has also been clinically proven to improve accuracy over freehand dental implant placement. For added accuracy, the software even contains a library of common implant types that can be used in the planning process.

Would you like to learn more about the X-Guide system and the other advanced technologies that our practice uses? Contact us today to ask questions or schedule your personalized consultation.