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Murphy Orthodontics

Straight teeth contribute to good oral health and well-being. If you've lived most of your life with misaligned or uneven teeth, let our team at Murphy Family Dentistry talk to you about the benefits of orthodontic care. Many people associate braces only with children or teenagers, but the truth is more adults are wearing braces now than ever before.

Braces for Children

As your child's smile develops, Dr. Najari and Dr. Nguyen will pay close attention to the alignment of his or her teeth. We want to provide our young patients with proactive care whenever possible. Tackling problems like thumb sucking and mouth breathing at an early age can often help us prevent small problems from escalating into larger problems. If your child requires additional care during adolescence, we will create a comprehensive treatment plan that includes braces and a retainer.

Braces for Adults

Straightening your smile has obvious benefits from a cosmetic standpoint, but there's more to adult orthodontics than that. Many adults also seek braces to treat symptoms related to a neuromuscular condition. These symptoms might include earaches, headaches, dizziness, and neck pain. Correcting your bite can help you alleviate your symptoms while simultaneously improving your smile's function and beauty.

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Would you like to learn more about our orthodontic services? Don't hesitate to give our Murphy dental office a call. We would be happy to schedule an orthodontic consultation for you. During your appointment, we'll explain exactly how your treatment will proceed and answer any questions you might have about the process. We love helping our patients create a perfect smile.

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