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Emergency Dentistry in Murphy, TX

You can never anticipate when a dental accident will take place, but one thing is for sure—you need an emergency dentist ready to serve you in your time of need when one does strike! You can rely on us here at Murphy Family Dentistry.

What is a Dental Emergency?

woman dental painA dental emergency can be classified as any time that you feel any discomfort or dental pain. In the event that you’re experiencing dental pain or trauma, it’s best to reach out to your local dentist for help addressing your concerns first rather than visiting another health professional or even your nearest emergency room. Either way, you might end up being referred to our office in the end. The sooner we begin treatment, the less likely patients are to experience additional oral health issues.

There are some dental emergencies that aren’t as urgent as others. However, when you’re faced with critical dental emergency, you need to seek assistance from one of our dental specialists.

Here are the urgent dental emergencies that you need to see a dentist for as soon as possible:

If you happen to have a less painful dental accident, one that doesn’t seem as urgent (like a lodged piece of food in your teeth), you can wait to visit the dentist until you have time to schedule a visit—just don’t wait too long, as that could make your dental issue more prevalent over time. 

Visit Your Dentist Right Away for Urgent Dental Emergencies

dental diagram oral painMany don’t know the exact steps to take when dealing with a dental emergency. Although we can’t explain every scenario one by one, here are the general steps that you want to take until you can visit our office:

When you finally reach our practice, we will do our best to repair your smile in a quick, painless fashion. Don’t forget to add our phone number to your phone contacts so that we’re only a phone call away!

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