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Murphy Family Dentistry Blog

Tooth Decay’s Lurking! Don’t Wait to Your Visit Your Dentist in Murphy!

March 9, 2018

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woman in dental chair for checkupYou understand that your teeth and oral health are gifts, so you refuse to squander them. Therefore, you want to know how to protect them. Your dentist in Murphy says that one way is to learn how to detect tooth decay in the earlier stages and then act accordingly when any signs are spotted. Read on to learn how to effectively ensure your oral health through preventive dentistry.


Can I Prevent My Child from Needing Orthodontics in Murphy?

February 9, 2018

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young girl smiling with bracesIs it a myth that you can prevent your child from needing orthodontics in Murphy to correct misaligned, crooked or crowded teeth? Your local dentist says there is no magical solution to correct your little one’s imperfections. But there is a sure-fire way to address it – the tried and true method of traditional braces. As you continue reading, you’ll learn more about why this is the best method.


Shopping for Orthodontics in Murphy? Here Are Some Helpful Tips!

November 26, 2017

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smile with bracesWhether you’re a teenager or adult, crooked teeth or bite problems can put a damper on your everyday life. You might find it difficult to keep your mouth clean, or perhaps you become super self-conscious when you meet new people. Perhaps you’re ready to start shopping for orthodontics in Murphy so you can finally achieve the straight, healthy smile that you’ve been missing. But what type of braces should you get? Here are a few tips to help you choose your route to a perfectly aligned set of pearly whites.


Your Dentist in Murphy Reveals How to Eat With Braces Successfully

October 16, 2017

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Smiling woman with braces.Getting braces to straighten your smile is a big decision. You will love your results and be amazed at the confidence a beautiful smile can bring! There are some steps you can take to make your treatment go smoothly, and the first one is being aware of how and what to eat while you’re wearing braces. Your dentist in Murphy has some tips on successfully eating with braces.


Your Local Dentist Explains Why We Love Intraoral Cameras

September 9, 2017

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dental visit smiling womanDid you know that the sooner a dentist has the opportunity to identify and correct dental problems, the simpler treatments can be? That’s just one of the reasons that many dentists love having an intraoral camera handy. This revolutionary technology improves the quality of patients’ treatment by helping a dentist to spot potential problems early on. Let’s explore the many reasons why dentists use intraoral cameras in this week’s blog post.


4 Ways Dental Implants Improve Your Smile

August 10, 2017

smiling senior woman holding appleReplacing missing teeth can seem like a daunting task for many patients, especially those with more advanced tooth loss. In fact, patients with just one or two missing teeth are highly unlikely to replace these teeth unless they are visible within the smile line. Dental implants offer patients a tooth replacement option that looks, feels, and functions like natural, healthy teeth. Whether you’re missing a single tooth or a full row of teeth, dental implants can improve your oral health and put the smile back on your face.

Family Dentist in Murphy Recommends Foods for a Healthy Smile

July 10, 2017

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healthy foodsThe health of your teeth is important to your quality of life and confidence, which is why you work hard to protect them from damage. However, did you know that your gum health is equally as important? If you develop issues with the tissue, like periodontal disease, you will have dental complications and overall health issues, like cardiovascular disease. While your oral hygiene and preventive care from your family dentist in Murphy are important, there is another way to promote a healthy smile. With the right foods, you will enhance your overall health and that of your smile.

Cosmetic Dentist in Murphy Makes Big Reveals with Bonding

June 30, 2017

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Your cosmetic dentist in Murphy recommends dental bonding. Sometimes, small improvements are all that’s needed to make a really big impact — and that’s often true with teeth. If you’ve got minor chips, gaps, or stains that are taking away from the appearance of your smile, composite bonding could be the perfect solution. Find out if you are a candidate for this popular treatment from your cosmetic dentist in Murphy, Dr. Jacquie Nguyen and Dr. Masoud E. Najari, today.


Dentist in Murphy on How Often You Need to Brush & Floss

May 25, 2017

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Dentist in Murphy provides general dental care. It’s probably been awhile since you first learned how to take care of your smile — and if you’re finding you could use a little brush up on proper oral hygiene habits, you are certainly not alone. About half of American adults have periodontal disease, which is primarily caused by lax dental hygiene. Your dentist in Murphy wants to stop that trend! Keep reading to freshen up on what it takes to keep your teeth cleaner, happier, and healthier for a lifetime to come.


Braces – Everything You Need To Know About Orthodontics In Murphy

April 23, 2017

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Want to get your perfectly straight smile? With orthodontics in Murphy from Murphy Family Dentistry, you can get the results you’ve been dreaming of. Your children always make you smile – they’re both in high school now, and it’s inspiring to see your son excelling in basketball and your daughter making waves on the chess team, while they both maintain their spots on the honor roll. And when your kids smile back at you, you know they inherited more than just their intelligence from their parents – they’ve also got your crooked teeth. You know it’s time for braces, but you’re not sure where to start when it comes to orthodontics in Murphy. In this post, the team at Murphy Family Dentistry teach you everything you need to know about braces.


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