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How These 7 Popular Drinks Really Impact Your Teeth

January 28, 2020

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A colorful collection of popular beverages lined up in a rowEverything that passes through your lips influences the health of your smile. While many people know to avoid sugary foods and candies for the sake of their teeth, it can be easy to accidentally overlook the effects of our beverage choices. However, what we drink has just as much of an impact, if not more so, than what we eat! So which beverages are the best or worst for our teeth? While you may think you know, some of the answers might surprise you! Read on as your dentist in Murphy explains how all your favorite drinks influence your smile.

Soda & Diet Soda

The combination of its sugar content and acidic nature make soda pop one of the worst beverage choices for your teeth. A single can of soda may contain more than a day’s worth of recommended sugar intake. But if you think you’re doing your smile a favor by choosing diet soda, think again. Diet and regular sodas are both equally acidic, which softens the protective layer of enamel around your teeth and increases the risk of tooth decay.

Fruit Juice

It’s a common idea that fruit juice is a healthier alternative than soda. However, drinking too much of it can be just as harmful to your teeth. Some juices contain just as much sugar as a regular soda, and others are nearly as acidic. Constantly sipping on them throughout the day may boost your immune system with vitamins, but will also quickly cause cavities to develop. To enjoy the health benefits of these tasty beverages, try drinking them through a straw.

Coffee & Tea

Did you know that some studies suggest that coffee is good for your oral health? One study found that participants who drank coffee had fewer cavities than those who didn’t. However, there was one important catch: these results were only true for participants who drank black coffee. While this acidic beverage can cause discoloration over time, its main offenders are its popular sugary additives such as creamers and flavoring syrups.

The same holds true for tea. In fact, some research indicates that green tea has show some effectiveness in preventing tooth decay and encouraging healthy gums. Brewed teas generally have a high pH level, which means they’re less acidic and safer for your teeth. On the other hand, iced teas typically have lower pH levels and higher amounts of added sweeteners, making it a bad choice for the health of your smile.

Red & White Wine

While red wine looks like it would cause more discoloration in your teeth, white wine is more acidic. This acidic nature, much like the other beverages listed above, quickly wears down the protective shell of enamel. This reveals the sensitive layer of dentin underneath, making it easier for pigmented particles to take hold and darken your smile. While red wine will stain your carpet, white wine will stain your teeth.

As long as you keep up your great dentalcare routine, get a dental checkup twice a year, and make smart beverage choices, you can keep those pearly whites bright and healthy.

About the Practice

At Murphy Family Dentistry in Murphy, TX, we know that the best care for your smile starts with great oral hygiene at home. At your regular checkup and cleaning every six months, Dr. Jacquie Nguyen or Dr. Masoud E. Najari can ensure you’re getting most out of your dentalcare routine by reviewing the best brushing and flossing habits with you. Additionally, a professional cleaning can help get your oral health back on track if you’ve had one too many sodas or other harmful beverages. If you’d like to learn more, they can be contacted via their website or at (972) 516-2928.

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