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Why Traditional Braces from Your Orthodontist in Murphy are Best

June 5, 2018

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A smiling child wearing braces.With more and more orthodontic options available today, it’s understandable that you may be asking “Why do I need to wear traditional braces when clear aligners are available?” Your child may want to use clear aligners over metal braces since they are transparent, but according to your orthodontist in Murphy, you’ll definitely want to reconsider.

Traditional braces are not like the braces you may have learned about decades ago. They can be customized to match your look and offer results you won’t find anywhere else.

Traditional Braces Offer the Best Results

When compared to clear aligners, clear braces, or other accelerated orthodontic treatments, traditional braces always come out on top when it comes to results. They are the only option capable of treating extreme overcrowding or misalignments in the mouth. They’re also the only option capable of shifting molars, which no clear aligner can guarantee.

When your main focus is treating malocclusions, or poor bites, traditional braces are always the best option. By improving the bite, you make it easier to practice oral care, therefore reducing the chances of tooth decay and gum disease from developing. It also reduces your chances of developing a teeth grinding habit later, due to a poor bite applying uneven pressure throughout the mouth.

Why Traditional Braces are the Better Option for Children

Since children’s mouth are still developing at a young age, it’s always a better idea to get them started with orthodontic treatment earlier. This way, they won’t have to spend as much time wearing them when they reach their later teen years. Developing teeth are the easier to shift and more likely to stay in place once the braces come off, at least compared to older patients who pursue orthodontics. Of course, they’ll still need to wear a retainer afterwards to prevent shifting within the first few months after removal.

Furthermore, traditional braces are fixed, meaning they don’t come off until treatment is complete and the dentist removes them. Clear aligners require a high amount of dedication and commitment since they’re removable. Therefore, braces are more likely to provide a higher success rate if patients can’t remove their hardware, especially if they are younger.

How the Cost of Traditional Braces Varies

Many people ask what the cost of traditional braces are upfront, but it’s often difficult to give an exact amount. It can vary depending on how severe the orthodontic case is, how many visits are needed for tightening the braces, and whether or not the hardware gets damaged in the process.

However, your orthodontist can say for certain that braces in Murphy will cost at least a few thousand dollars. When the result is healthier, straighter, and overall more beautiful teeth, it’s worth it.

Ready to get you or your child’s teeth looking better than ever? Schedule a consultation with your orthodontist today to learn more about the process!

About the Author

 Dr. Jacquie Nguyen earned her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the Baylor College of Dentistry. She’s experienced in providing traditional braces both to children and adults looking to improve their smile’s appearance and health. To learn more about the process or about her practice, contact her through her website.

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